About Shelly + Lux Shack

Well, hi there :) I'm Shelly - owner and buyer of Lux Shack. I opened the doors at the Shack on June 14th, 2019 at our first, Warm Springs location. I have always had a major love for all things fashion and studied fashion design while in college in Hawaii. I was born and raised in the Wood River Valley and moved back here in 2011.

I have had an online consignment store in the past, but always wanted to take things to the next level with a brick and mortar. I knew the shopping options in Ketchum were limited... so I thought, “Why not bring some affordable, trendy, and accessible fashion to our beautiful town"? Lux Shack was born. 

At Lux Shack we cultivate a feeling of family and friendship. Not only within the staff, but between our staff and customers. I want everyone that walks through the door to leave feeling like they just went shopping with one of their best friends. We do that by taking the time to develop relationships, finding out what the customers needs are, and helping meet those needs. We want you to feel beautiful! If something you try on isn’t your color, or your cut, we tell you. Honesty is always the best policy and helps develop the trust and respect we are hoping to create between ourselves and each one of you. 

One of my missions in opening Lux Shack (one of many, lol) is to help women feel beautiful in their uniquely beautiful bodies. So much of how we look is about how we feel! We ALL have our insecurities. An incredible part of fashion is that we can use clothes and accessories to draw attention to the parts of us we do love, or like. We can use colors to brighten up our faces, bring out our eye colors... different shapes to bring the illusion of a waist, or a bum! We can help you FEEL good, which always makes us look good!!

I hope you love Lux Shack as much as I do.

Much love. xx